About Brazos

Firm History

Brazos Private Equity Partners is a Dallas-based private equity investment firm that specializes in leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations of high-potential businesses. Over the past decade, since the firm’s founding in 1999, Brazos has been one of the most active and successful private equity firms focused on the middle market. The firm invests in a variety of industry sectors including commercial & industrial, healthcare, business services and consumer. With $1.4 billion of capital under management and $715 million available in its current fund, Brazos Equity Fund III, L.P., Brazos is well positioned to continue executing its successful investment approach and value creation strategy of Partnering with Management to Maximize the Middle Market®

The firm’s senior leadership has a broad and diverse background, including private equity and investment banking, corporate management and operations, and corporate securities law. Collectively, over the course of their careers, the partners of the firm have completed in excess of 80 transactions representing approximately $9 billion in transaction value. The senior leadership team is supported by a broad group of experienced investment professionals with backgrounds including private equity, leveraged lending, investment banking, accounting, finance and operations, and management consulting.

Brazos Partners

Firm Philosophy

Brazos focuses its investment activities on the middle market where there is often more abundant opportunity to enhance businesses, in partnership* with management by using financial, operational, and strategic value creation initiatives.

Brazos' core philosophy of combining the skills of highly talented management teams with experienced and insightful investors is critical to the successful execution of a private equity investment strategy. For this reason, Brazos puts a premium on building long-term relationships with successful operating executives, working closely and in partnership with company management, to execute its value creation strategy.

Our Limited Partners

The firm’s capital under management is provided by prominent global investment institutions that include endowments, public and private retirement systems, foundations, and financial institutions. Additionally, the partners and employees of Brazos, as well as management partners of the firm, have made significant personal investments in the funds of Brazos.