Why Brazos

Extensive Resources and Relationships

Over the course of their careers in private equity, the partners and other investment professionals of Brazos have developed a deep and broad set of resources and relationships that can be brought to bear in supporting the execution of its investment strategy.

From a deal sourcing and financing perspective, Brazos has developed close working relationships with leading national and regional investment banks, business brokers, lawyers, accountants, and commercial, specialty finance, and mezzanine lenders. This vast network of deal sources ensures that Brazos is screening for suitable middle market investment opportunities available. Once these opportunities are identified, Brazos has the ability to leverage these resources to conduct its due diligence and secure various financing alternatives in order to make an informed investment decision and close the transaction.

From an operations perspective, this involves sharing proven practices gleaned by the investment team from past deal experience and other portfolio companies, engaging the in-house professionals from our Performance Enhancement and Acceleration team on the investment, appointing executives from our network of management partners to the board, and leveraging relationships with operations and management consultants and executive search firms.

From a legal and risk management perspective, Brazos has extensive resources both internally with our General Counsel and externally through long-standing relationships with multi-national law and accounting firms specializing in all transactional practices. This vault of knowledge and immediate access to relevant specialists are critical toward protecting the interests of our companies.

Through these resources and relationships, the firm is able to not only uncover a broad range of attractive investment opportunities, but also access valuable human and intellectual capital to support and enhance value creation efforts at its portfolio companies.

History of Success

Since 1999, Brazos has demonstrated a history of success stemming directly from its core organizational strengths of size, experience, continuity, and diverse professional backgrounds.

This success is evidenced in many ways, such as the ability of Brazos to creatively find attractive investment opportunities. Having closed over 60 acquisitions (platform and add-on) across multiple industry sectors since its founding, the firm has been one of the most active private equity firms operating in the middle market.

Brazos has transformed many under-performing businesses into profitable high growth businesses. This value creation track record can be illustrated through the dramatic acceleration of both revenue and earnings growth across the Firm's portfolio of companies.

Brazos has been successful in building long-term relationships with management teams. In speaking to our CEOs, it is evident that the firm has a reputation for partnering well with management to build and unlock value.

Lastly, generating attractive returns for investors is another measurement of success in all other areas. In this regard, Brazos has achieved strong investment returns relative to its private equity peers over the past decade.

Creative Approach to Investing

Brazos takes a flexible and creative approach to structuring transactions to meet the needs of sellers while protecting the interests of its investors. The firm avoids taking the approach that one deal size or structure fits every situation. Rather, the firm understands that sellers have specific needs and considerations when evaluating the sale of their business.

Additionally, Brazos takes a creative approach to establishing meaningful equity ownership and stock option plans for management. These equity ownership packages are mutually agreed upon upfront and can be structured in a variety of ways to ensure that management, Brazos, and its investors all profit together and that incentives are properly aligned.

Unique Ability to Identify Opportunities

Brazos has a proven ability to identify high-potential businesses. While many investors will focus primarily on current financial results and near-term prospects, Brazos looks deeper to uncover what is many times hidden value. This process all starts with a tremendous amount of time and energy focused upfront on collaborating with management teams to identify hidden value, mapping a long-term strategic vision and identifying transformational opportunities that could take the company to the next level.